Customer Service

“It’s a more modern style but not one that’s over done.”

Becky led The couple over to another aisle of living room furniture. The couple’s hands remained clenched as though letting go would mean a debilitating disease and no health insurance.

“And this one lends itself perfectly to a more classical design.” Becky’s hand swept across the black lace patterned chair. A few ‘mmms’ escaped the couple trailing behind her.

They had been at the store for over two hours, pondered over every piece of furniture, and had barely said two words.

“Any thoughts?” Becky offered turning around.

The couple nearly ran into her, both their eyes down locked onto all the various pieces in front of them. The man looked up, “Oh. No.”

Becky’s brown eyes remained on him for a second too long. He didn’t appear to notice, because as soon as he’d spoken he looked away admiring a 1940s grandfather clock.

The woman felt the back of a hemp chair and made a disagreeable noise from the back of her throat. Becky looked to her for a moment, collected herself, then moved to the next part of the store.

“Oh. We already saw these.” The woman finally spoke.

Becky bit her tongue, “Oh. I’m sorry. Was there anything you wished to see again”

Silence stood still in between Becky and the couple.

“Well, I think you’ve seen everything then.”

“Oh. That’s it?” The woman looked up.

“Yes, I’m afraid so.” Becky’s voice dripped with sincerity. The couple exchanged a quick glance of disappointment. “You can always look through our catalogue, if you’d like.”

“You don’t have everything in the store?” The man asked, his eyes met Becky’s and never wavered.

“Correct, there are some thing’s in the catalogue that you can buy in the main warehouse, but that we don’t currently have in the store.” Becky smiled.

“Oh. So, we haven’t seen everything then.” The woman corrected.

Becky’s eyebrows shot to her forehead, she looked around the room helplessly, until, “Well, yes, I suppose so.”

“So you lied.” The woman kept her eyes fully focused on Becky.

“You’ve seen everything we have here.” Becky corrected, a broad smile covered the fear clenching across her chest.

“I don’t appreciate your tone.” The man spoke up moving closer to Becky.

Becky brought her hands up in apology, “I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be rude.”

“But you’re doing a damn good job.” The woman rolled her eyes after she spoke. Then, pulling her lover’s arms away from his chest, she took his hand and forcefully pulled him from the store.

Becky stood silently next to the lacey chair. She exhaled sharply then turned towards the break room to eat the apple she left in the fridge.

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